Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nearing the End

Here it is November 1 and soon the election for the president of the United Sates will be a distant and unpleasant memory. This campaign has been the worse I have ever experienced. One candidate is a career politician and the other a brash businessman. Whichever candidate wins, one thing is for sure, this time next week the election will be history. We will have a new president who will either lead us down a road promoting socialism or we will find ourselves being  lead back toward the democracy of pre-Obama.

The saddest outcome of this election is the truth that both the Democrats and the Republicans will be relieved that it is over. Gone will be the daily taunts and insults we have all become accustomed to on whatever news program, newspaper, website or magazine we look at.  What will become of us now? Will we be able to embrace whichever leadership style is in control and bring about healing to our country even though the leadership doesn't promote it.

Will we as an American people be able to overcome our politician differences and have compassion on one and another? This government is going to go on fighting left vs right but as a nation, we need to heal. The way a sore heals is from the inside out. So let us, who are on the inside, begin the healing process by showing kindness, tolerance, and love toward one another. Let us, the backbone of America, put aside what isn't really important and do what is important. Helping each other deal with high food prices, mistrust of neighbors and insanely high healthcare.  Let us bind up one another's' wounds.

My challenge to us all is to daily make a commitment to help someone who is diverse from ourselves and show whoever just became president that we are a united people . This may sound like a Pollyanna viewpoint but I believe if we live our lives in love with life then we will be better able to tolerate one another's differences.  I understand there are certain principles we all live by but they do not have to divide.  Love crosses all barriers no matter how high  or how deep they are built.  So let's get about the business of loving life, living it to its fullest, uplifting one another and healing our nation.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Small Town Girl III

As the only girl in a family of three brothers, I learned early about the many needs of boys. I learned that they love to be waited and doted on. By the time my younger brothers were born my older brother was usually out and about with his friends. I stayed at home more to help my mom with the young ones. Even though I was 5 years older than one and 7 years older than the other I would play with them trying to keep them busy.

Sometimes we would go on picnics. Living close to the creek and the woods was a big advantage. One of my favorite places to take "Bob" and "Ted" was a small meadow along the creek.  To get to the meadow we had to walk along the railroad tracks that were between our backyard and the woods. On one of these occasions, we saw a bear crossing the tracks ahead of us. It was a medium sized black bear coming from the direction of the meadow. My youngest brother instantly started crying and wanted to go home. When the bear heard him it took off into the woods at an alarming speed, apparently, it was terrified of him. I tried to explain this but my brother wasn't having any of it. He said he would tell mom that I made him picnic where there was a bear. My solution-- go ahead tell mom but I'm not taking you home now. My other brother was scared but he trusted me when I said the bear was more scared of us than we were of it. My expertise and bravery came from a story told to me by my fourth-grade teacher. She used to hunt and one day while hunting, decided to rest for lunch. As she was eating she has the strangest feeling that she was being watched. Upon looking up she noticed a black bear watching her, so she tossed it half her sandwich and shared the rest of her lunch with it also. When her lunch was gone she packed up and walked away. The bear went its way and she went hers.

We continued on our way and went down the bank to the meadow. It was so beautiful, covered with wildflowers and soft green grass. Maple, birch, and evergreen trees gave us shade. We enjoyed our lunch of PBJ's, potato chips and kool-aid then lay back on the blanket and watched the clouds float by. It was so peaceful, with one exception the scared brother. It had been over an hour since we saw that bear but he would not it drop. At one point I made him take his blanket and put it down about ten feet from Bob and me  so we could enjoy looking for different shapes in the clouds.  However, there was a flaw with this strategy because Ted was about as stubborn as a boy could be. He only howled louder and disturbed us more. Time for another plan.

I suggested that we play hide and seek or fox and geese to get his mind off the bear. This worked until Ted figured out that in order to play hide and seek he had to hide alone. So on to plan C. We went down to the creek to hunt crawdads. Finally! His mind was off the bear and we all had an enjoyable time looking for crawdads and minnows.

We played by the creek for quite awhile then it became late afternoon and so I packed them up and headed for home. Once Ted saw the railroad tracks he remembered the bear and it was not a pleasant walk home. True to form he tattled saying that I had made him picnic in a place where there were bears.

To be continued.......

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Small Town Memories II - A Scary Afternoon

In my last post, I wrote about sledding down a hill across the street from my house. This hill led to Island Park, our town park, where we burned Christmas trees and sang O TananeBaum with the firemen keeping a close eye. This park was also used for the county fair, therefore, there were stables and other buildings for displaying produce, some fresh and some canned, needlework of all kinds and the other items found at county fairs. A carnival always came and set up shop for the week.

The town children were able to go home for lunch and I usually did because my dad would come home for his lunch also. On one occasion I went home as usual and it was late summer with the fair still in town. I remember we had succotash for lunch because it was one of my favorite dishes made by opening a can of kidney beans and a can of corn and heating them through. I asked my dad  if I could go to the fair on the way back to school and he said if I ate quickly I could go for one ride.  I ate and then got a nickel from him for the ride. I knew just what I wanted to ride on---the Ferris wheel.  I was able to get right on board because I was the only one in line. I sat in the middle of the seat and tried to keep it from swaying. I had a healthy fear for the Ferris wheel. I began to rise in the air as the big wheel started turning. I loved being up there so high with fluffy white clouds. I lost all track of time and in one turn as I came close to the ground noticed I was alone. The operator had gone off somewhere. There I was going around and around and around. At first, I was ok with the situation but then I heard the school bell ring I got really scared knowing I was going to be late and that was totally unacceptable to my teacher. So I started to cry for help and just plain cry. I saw my dad coming down the hill to the fairgrounds. I hollered so loud but he didn't hear me, he just went around to all the rides searching for me. As he got close to the Ferris-wheel I began to really cry loud. He turned his head toward the sound of a child crying and I could see he was searching for me so I started waving frantically. When our eyes met I saw terror in his and I am sure he saw fear in mine as well. I cannot even imagine seeing your 8-year-old daughter flying around on a Ferris wheel all alone. When I saw his fear my own just grew to a panic.  Dad went in search of the operator and found him eating lunch under a tree. Needless to say, he was not pleased with that operator. I saw the two of them heading my way and it seemed forever for them to reach me.  Once that ride was stopped I flew off and into my dad's anxiously stretched out arms.  He walked me to school and spoke with my teacher.

This was my one and only attendance at the fair during school.  I had no complaints. I never wanted to ride on another ride without other people around.

To be continued..........

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Small Town Memories I

The more I think about growing up in a small town the more I appreciate it.  Our claim to fame was being "The Biggest Little Town On The Map."  which was on our town sign. Actually, we weren't a town, we were a borough.  Kindergarten was held in a small brown house close to the school where grade school,  junior high and high school were in the same complex ( two buildings) until I was in 6th grade. Then a new grade school was built. We had our own volunteer fire department. The fire alarm was tested each day at noon and again at 7 p.m.  Everybody knew that sound! When it sounded off men from all over town would drop what they were doing and rush to the fire hall. Our police "force" consisted of two cops switching shifts. They were  big likable men who knew their community and all who dwelt in it.
As a child, I thought my town was large. I only knew my neighborhood but when it was Halloween I got to go "all over town" to trick or treat which was a really big deal. Going Christmas shopping meant going to the ABC Store. This was our variety store where I could find a present for everyone in my family. There were toys for my little brothers, kitchen gadgets for my mom and grandma, socks, hankies and tools for my dad and grandpa, and model cars for my older brother.
 I know it sounds a bit like the "Waltons" but my grandpa and grandma lived in an apartment above us. My father and grandfather made the house into a duplex. The house was a large two-story and the closed off the stairway making it into a closet. This closet scared me because the stairs were still there they just stopped half way up. It was a closet to nowhere.  My dad and grandpa built steps off the back porch which led to my grandparent's house.
 I thought this whole arrangement was a wonderful thing. My grandma was my best friend. She taught me so much; we'd go daffodil, dandelion greens and wild strawberry hunting in the spring.  We would sit on the steps to her "house" and she would rub my back and talk about marvelous things. As I grew I appreciated this arrangement more and more. I, being a skinny girl that could out eat all three of my brothers, would eat supper at our table then go upstairs and eat supper with my grandpa and grandma.
On summer evenings the family would sit around a fire pit and roast marshmallows. Sometimes we would just enjoy watching the fire and the lightning  bugs.  As darkness came, it became cooler and my younger brothers would be put to bed. That's when I really enjoyed those nights the most, not that I didn't like my brothers there but they were silly noisy boys. With them, in bed, it became quiet with only the sound of the hissing fire, the crickets and my parents, grandparents'  and older brother's voices.  I would sit and watch the stars and the lightning bugs until it was my time for bed. Once in bed, I could still hear the grown-ups by the fire as I fell asleep.
When autumn rolled around we would rake leaves into big piles and my brothers and I would jump in them before they were burned. My mom and grandma would rake the piles to the edge of the street and burn them. They smelled so good. One could smell the leaves burning all over town. With winter came the snow and we would bundle up and go out and play fox and geese. This game was played by making an elaborate maze of tracks in the snow. The geese had a series small circles along the track for safe houses and the fox would chase the geese trying to catch one before they reached one of these safe houses. Whoever the fox caught then became the fox and the old fox became a goose. We would also go sledding on a hill across the street from our house.
To be continued..........

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Carolyn's Current Events Blog: Ethics and Loyalty

Carolyn's Current Events Blog: Ethics and Loyalty: I was going to blog about the Donald Trump tape but I feel enough has been said regarding it and the Clintons' deeds. I decided to write...

Ethics and Loyalty

I was going to blog about the Donald Trump tape but I feel enough has been said regarding it and the Clintons' deeds. I decided to write about ethics and loyalty in politics.

Loyalty, according to the dictionary, is the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations, faithful adherence to a sovereign or government official, leader, cause, etc. I see this as standing firm in the faith or pledge you've given someone. The person may do or say things you are not proud of or totally disagree with, maybe this person's actions even go against your religious convictions. However, a pledge is a pledge and to desert the person because of his or her actions is unethical and just downright wrong.  Telling the one who offends you that you believe their actions are damaging to themselves and the position they seek is the right thing to do and letting them know their actions have put you in a difficult position is the way to go. Telling the world you no longer support the individual, even after they have apologized, suggests you are concerned about your own reputation and your own agenda. This type of behavior can only lead to more division and show the opponent the weakness in the campaign. In fact in the whole party

I believe it to be true that not one of us is without sin and can cast the first stone. Which congressman, representative, supreme court justice, law officer, or president can truly say they have not done something which they are not proud of and if found out would have to apologize to the American people.

So I say to Paul Ryan, and all those following his example, by removing the pledged support from the Republican candidate are playing into the hand of the opponent. Stand your ground, support the one you pledged to and work for unity in the party. Work with your candidate by encouraging him and focus on his presidential agenda.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where to begin....

Wow! The amount of crap, excuse the dumb expression but it is just that, going on in this country. Have we digressed?

Race riots -- I thought that was over in the 70's
Police being murdered -- thought that was Al Capone's era
Rigged elections -- thought they were from the stockyard days in Chicago (The Jungle)

This country is imploding. Humm -- thought that was Rome in Nero's time.

The prevailing lawlessness that should have ended with the wild west days is starting to look like a bad Mad Max movie.  I must really be out of touch because I thought with age comes wisdom but as our nation ages it seems we have only learned that history repeats itself. We appear to have not learned that we can change what has happened in the past by gleaning the good and throwing out the bad.

We pride ourselves with the tech advances we have made and yes we should but at what price. Most of us have a better relationship with our electronics than we do with each other. I myself find that I am on my phone, tablet or lap top way too much while conversing with my husband. It has become a struggle to sit and talk without my hands on a device, so I have picked up my knitting again and have picked up my communication skills as well. Why am I on the lap top now? My husband is sleeping and I shall be shortly  but I just had to get these thoughts out first.

With all the ramblings in this blog I hope you are able to pull out the point being made. I won't explain because that would only insult your intelligence .  Good night.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Way We Are Headed or Obamaism

By now you have probably read my post on Facebook regarding rigged elections. What I want to know is; why hasn't anything been done. Is Obama and his backers so powerful and above the law that nothing can be done? I guess I am naive enough to to believe in a government that is for the people. It seems to me whoever is in control do not want to keep this nation free. The individuals controlling our land are easing us into socialism. Most of the American people are sleepy enough not to notice but let us open our eyes to what is happening.

1. Obama care - gives power to insurance companies
                          takes away the right of those not wanting to fund abortions with their taxes
                          the right for a doctor to decide the treatment he/she believes is right for their patient

2. We are told the economy is getting better when groceries and other needs Ike prescriptions, clothing and housing for the middle and lower classes is higher.

3. The military is basically being phased out.

 We need to stop this liberal government before they give away the bank with more bail outs. They say they are making programs  which will help  us but what is really happening is making of more and more of us dependent on the government. What is needed are not more free lunches but an increase and stronger education for adults and children. Ir is hard to do but worth it because it builds self worth and gives one the opportunity to a life free to chose.

Going along with this idea, is opening opportunities for employment. Build more wind mills for electricity, open the way to getting water by turning the salt water into portable water., build dams in the south so flooding will not occur every year and fix the highways and streets so one is able to drive without hitting pot holes. There are many more ideas which would provide jobs.

I do not presume to have all the answers but these are thoughts I wanted to get out and hopefully get others to ponder. Who knows you could come up with something that will help put a stop our nation's path to socialism. I want my great grand children, and many generations after, to have the right to choose what they believe and know what it is like to vote for a president and congress. Our way of life in America is not perfect but at look how long it has worked. Why fix a wheel that is not broken? How about just putfilling it with air facebook.comtwitter.com

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mayor of Centersville

This is a true story but the name of the mayor and town have been fictionalized to protect "the innocent." :)

Our town is so small we don't have speed limits, well none enforced anyway. There is a small market, not a mini mart, but a very nice market that is a throw back to gentler times. We do have a pizza place, an arcade for the youth, a library and a swimming pool and oh yes we have one bar. A beautiful park where someone I  know quite well works.  I am sure by now you've gotten the idea.

A man, named Fred, is a wonderful asset to our town, He is quite unpretentious all most shy at times but he gives of himself. Fred does a number of acts volunteering his time He does not seek kudos or recognition for his acts of charity. Fred wants only to give as he has taken away. We all have taken away but not always recognized it.

Some of the volunteering Fred does is for the home bound taking food to them from the local food pantry, also making sure they receive food  at Thanksgiving by taking them a plate made at the free community dinner and also cheers them with a container from the monthly free breakfast.  At the free breakfast he has a warm coat give away in cold weather. He goes to thrift stores and takes extra coats off their hands. I was the recipient  of one of Fred's coats.

In the summer he has a cookout once a week for the youth. Fred gets help with the food from his church and the local market.  In the spring and late summer he organizes a soap box derby. This takes a tremendous amount of time and skill  getting others to volunteer their time for the setting up of the track, which is basically from one end of town where there is a huge hill to the other, placing bales of hay for a brake wall and barricades for the street. At the same time he organized an art showing for local artists, which I had the honor of taking part  He did have help with this thanks to the generosity of Debby one of the artists. Who by the way is very good and had the grace to complement my paintings.

One day a reporter came to cover the soap box derby. When they asked who was responsible for the derby someone pointed to Fred. The reporter ask if would give him an interview and also said I understand that you are the mayor of Centersville to which Fred replied no.

 We don't have a mayor but if we did Fred would sure be a great one  There you have it the true story of the mayor of Centersville. One thing I am sure of, there is a Fred in communities all over the country which go unrecognized for their  labors and like Fred many would not want or welcome the attention.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

All Lives Matter

I definitely agree that all lives matter. However supporting Blue Lives Matter is agreeing with law enforcement the senseless killing of officers is appalling.  The police who were standing in a line to protect Black Lives Matter protesters were brutally murdered by one person they were protecting.

The police recognize that all lives matter but are reminding us to support them. Of course there are corrupt officers. Law enforcement is made up of humans therefore some are bound to do wrong.  The majority are dedicated men and women who take their job seriously. They are here to protect and serve. Where would we be without them. Lawlessness would rule. None of us would be safe.

Remember the media sensationalizes the happenings of any news item. So the next time the temptation to complain about an officer of the law remember many thousands more are true to their oath. Yes Blue Lives Matter and I for one support them because they recognize that all life matters.