Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Way We Are Headed or Obamaism

By now you have probably read my post on Facebook regarding rigged elections. What I want to know is; why hasn't anything been done. Is Obama and his backers so powerful and above the law that nothing can be done? I guess I am naive enough to to believe in a government that is for the people. It seems to me whoever is in control do not want to keep this nation free. The individuals controlling our land are easing us into socialism. Most of the American people are sleepy enough not to notice but let us open our eyes to what is happening.

1. Obama care - gives power to insurance companies
                          takes away the right of those not wanting to fund abortions with their taxes
                          the right for a doctor to decide the treatment he/she believes is right for their patient

2. We are told the economy is getting better when groceries and other needs Ike prescriptions, clothing and housing for the middle and lower classes is higher.

3. The military is basically being phased out.

 We need to stop this liberal government before they give away the bank with more bail outs. They say they are making programs  which will help  us but what is really happening is making of more and more of us dependent on the government. What is needed are not more free lunches but an increase and stronger education for adults and children. Ir is hard to do but worth it because it builds self worth and gives one the opportunity to a life free to chose.

Going along with this idea, is opening opportunities for employment. Build more wind mills for electricity, open the way to getting water by turning the salt water into portable water., build dams in the south so flooding will not occur every year and fix the highways and streets so one is able to drive without hitting pot holes. There are many more ideas which would provide jobs.

I do not presume to have all the answers but these are thoughts I wanted to get out and hopefully get others to ponder. Who knows you could come up with something that will help put a stop our nation's path to socialism. I want my great grand children, and many generations after, to have the right to choose what they believe and know what it is like to vote for a president and congress. Our way of life in America is not perfect but at look how long it has worked. Why fix a wheel that is not broken? How about just putfilling it with air facebook.comtwitter.com

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