Saturday, September 3, 2016

All Lives Matter

I definitely agree that all lives matter. However supporting Blue Lives Matter is agreeing with law enforcement the senseless killing of officers is appalling.  The police who were standing in a line to protect Black Lives Matter protesters were brutally murdered by one person they were protecting.

The police recognize that all lives matter but are reminding us to support them. Of course there are corrupt officers. Law enforcement is made up of humans therefore some are bound to do wrong.  The majority are dedicated men and women who take their job seriously. They are here to protect and serve. Where would we be without them. Lawlessness would rule. None of us would be safe.

Remember the media sensationalizes the happenings of any news item. So the next time the temptation to complain about an officer of the law remember many thousands more are true to their oath. Yes Blue Lives Matter and I for one support them because they recognize that all life matters.

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