Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where to begin....

Wow! The amount of crap, excuse the dumb expression but it is just that, going on in this country. Have we digressed?

Race riots -- I thought that was over in the 70's
Police being murdered -- thought that was Al Capone's era
Rigged elections -- thought they were from the stockyard days in Chicago (The Jungle)

This country is imploding. Humm -- thought that was Rome in Nero's time.

The prevailing lawlessness that should have ended with the wild west days is starting to look like a bad Mad Max movie.  I must really be out of touch because I thought with age comes wisdom but as our nation ages it seems we have only learned that history repeats itself. We appear to have not learned that we can change what has happened in the past by gleaning the good and throwing out the bad.

We pride ourselves with the tech advances we have made and yes we should but at what price. Most of us have a better relationship with our electronics than we do with each other. I myself find that I am on my phone, tablet or lap top way too much while conversing with my husband. It has become a struggle to sit and talk without my hands on a device, so I have picked up my knitting again and have picked up my communication skills as well. Why am I on the lap top now? My husband is sleeping and I shall be shortly  but I just had to get these thoughts out first.

With all the ramblings in this blog I hope you are able to pull out the point being made. I won't explain because that would only insult your intelligence .  Good night.

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