Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ethics and Loyalty

I was going to blog about the Donald Trump tape but I feel enough has been said regarding it and the Clintons' deeds. I decided to write about ethics and loyalty in politics.

Loyalty, according to the dictionary, is the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations, faithful adherence to a sovereign or government official, leader, cause, etc. I see this as standing firm in the faith or pledge you've given someone. The person may do or say things you are not proud of or totally disagree with, maybe this person's actions even go against your religious convictions. However, a pledge is a pledge and to desert the person because of his or her actions is unethical and just downright wrong.  Telling the one who offends you that you believe their actions are damaging to themselves and the position they seek is the right thing to do and letting them know their actions have put you in a difficult position is the way to go. Telling the world you no longer support the individual, even after they have apologized, suggests you are concerned about your own reputation and your own agenda. This type of behavior can only lead to more division and show the opponent the weakness in the campaign. In fact in the whole party

I believe it to be true that not one of us is without sin and can cast the first stone. Which congressman, representative, supreme court justice, law officer, or president can truly say they have not done something which they are not proud of and if found out would have to apologize to the American people.

So I say to Paul Ryan, and all those following his example, by removing the pledged support from the Republican candidate are playing into the hand of the opponent. Stand your ground, support the one you pledged to and work for unity in the party. Work with your candidate by encouraging him and focus on his presidential agenda.

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