Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nearing the End

Here it is November 1 and soon the election for the president of the United Sates will be a distant and unpleasant memory. This campaign has been the worse I have ever experienced. One candidate is a career politician and the other a brash businessman. Whichever candidate wins, one thing is for sure, this time next week the election will be history. We will have a new president who will either lead us down a road promoting socialism or we will find ourselves being  lead back toward the democracy of pre-Obama.

The saddest outcome of this election is the truth that both the Democrats and the Republicans will be relieved that it is over. Gone will be the daily taunts and insults we have all become accustomed to on whatever news program, newspaper, website or magazine we look at.  What will become of us now? Will we be able to embrace whichever leadership style is in control and bring about healing to our country even though the leadership doesn't promote it.

Will we as an American people be able to overcome our politician differences and have compassion on one and another? This government is going to go on fighting left vs right but as a nation, we need to heal. The way a sore heals is from the inside out. So let us, who are on the inside, begin the healing process by showing kindness, tolerance, and love toward one another. Let us, the backbone of America, put aside what isn't really important and do what is important. Helping each other deal with high food prices, mistrust of neighbors and insanely high healthcare.  Let us bind up one another's' wounds.

My challenge to us all is to daily make a commitment to help someone who is diverse from ourselves and show whoever just became president that we are a united people . This may sound like a Pollyanna viewpoint but I believe if we live our lives in love with life then we will be better able to tolerate one another's differences.  I understand there are certain principles we all live by but they do not have to divide.  Love crosses all barriers no matter how high  or how deep they are built.  So let's get about the business of loving life, living it to its fullest, uplifting one another and healing our nation.

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