Friday, April 7, 2017

Go And Fund Me Campaign

For the past year I have been in contact with a family from the Gambia in West Africa. Life in the Gambia is harsh. There are no government subsidies, no health care, no jobs and little food. There is however government corruption and abuse of power.

The family of Isatou and Ousman Badajie struggles daily to get food. Isatou has taken in two little girls whose mother is too sick to care for them. Ous' father passed away from sickness and he is now responsible for the family. He had to quit school to hunt for mangoes in the forest so the family would be able to eat. When the mango season is over the family collect grass and extracts the juice to make a type of tea. This is what they have to eat.
Making tea

I was sending the family $100 a month to purchase  rice and beans. I am unable to do so now because of my own financial constraints. I have started a campaign with Go and Fund Me asking for donations to help me so I can help them.

Let me tell you a little about Ouz. This is a 18 year old young man who had to quit school in his early teens. His dream is to play soccer on a professional team. This dream has been taken also because there in no money for him join a team. Ouz is smart with a great sense of humor. He is dedicated to his family and would love to work to support them but there is no work so he goes to a local Internet cafe and cleans so he is able to use the Internet. He started a Facebook page and reaches out for help in that way. This tells me that if given the opportunity he would work. 

Please donate to help this young man and his family.


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